About Lotje euser

Sales should be the core of any business

Hi Topwoman!

My name is Lotje Euser and I’m thrilled you’re here!

After being a sales marketeer for years in the corporate world and closing more than 600 deals, I felt this desire to teach other women how to market themselves and their talents.

I see so many amazingly talented women who are holding themselves back because they lack faith and confidence in their own sales. That’s just such a shame because they have so much to bring to the table! That’s what inspired me to start my own business and to become a business mentor.

It’s my goal to guide more women and lead them to reach the top of their industry. To become millionaires and to become the future leaders of this world.

Knowing how to sell yourself is essential if you want to grow your own business or if you want to move up in your own career.

So let me help you to unleash your true potential and scale your sales the fun way!


Lotje Euser

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What I do

01 - I teach women how to scale their sales

Scale your sales the fun way, growth doesn’t need to be energy-draining.

02 - I show how magnetic marketing works

What if you don’t have to push customers anymore to pay you? What if you can attract customers simply by being yourself? 

03 - I empower female leadership

I know that when women are supporting women, incredible things happen! In my online community women can connect with each other, support each other and reach out for help.  

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