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"Together with Lotje, I started working to optimise my sales, but not via a one-size-fits-all method. No, Lotje challenges you to explore how you can make sales fun for yourself and which ways suit you. She looks for your "sparkle" in your sales and challenges you to experiment. Lotje helped me enormously in creating a clear message that carries my vision, in celebrating and sharing successes and in reflecting on myself every time. What makes me happy in my sales? What am I doing now that doesn't feel like me? Lotje asks the right questions to get to your own core. I definitely recommend working with Lotje! She is full of energy, knowledge, passion & guts. She is your cheerleader, but also steers where necessary!"." 
Simone den Hartog
Intuïtive eating & lifestyle coach
"Lotje showed me that there are so many sales opportunities. Suddenly, clients came to me from all directions. With the highest turnover from my own services so far. And more importantly for me: I found the joy in sales!"." 
Lisette Molenaar
Communication Strategist
"The Bestsellers program has totally taken me out of my comfort zone. To really look at sales differently, more from my heart and with gentleness. I now know how I can I attract my customers with a positive vibe so that I can help them in their journey, but also so in a way I get energy from these customers. I really liked Lotje's personal involvement, often through Voxer and also in the 1-on-1 sessions. She is really interested in who I am, what drives me and how I can bring my personality into my sales. That made it feel like her program was really designed for me." 
Elian Vermeulen
Elian Vermeulen
Purpose Coach
"I did a 5-day coaching via Voxer with Lotje.
I had already participated in a short coaching session with her via Voxer and that helped me so much that I didn't have to think twice when I saw this offer. The great thing about Lotje's coaching is that she is very "to the point" and immediately comes up with ideas that are focused on me.  She gives me tips that I can get to work with right away and she also gives good feedback on my posts. Lotje has helped me a lot this week to do my sales in a less "in your face" way, to get my ideal customer clearer and to really write posts aimed at her." 
mirjam de groot
Mirjam de Groot
Styling coach
"First of all, the vibe in my calls with Lotje were very enjoyable and the time flew by. In addition, we tuned in to my Instagram and the possibilities for sales. Lotje does this in a fun and upbeat way. She also has knowledge of Human design that she could apply in between. It has definitely given me a boost for my own business. Many thanks Lotje!"
Myrrhe van Sponsen
Speaker, Writer and Medium
"I asked Lotje for help because I had a new service in which I wanted to challenge myself with sales. We spent a month working together. She gave me great tips through Voxer and in our 1 on 1, both asked and unsolicited. Her quick shifts, good ideas and easy to follow roadmaps are a golden combination."
Mariska van Dijk
Anti-sabotage Mentor
"April is already my best month ever both in terms of treatments and sales of personal care products. Your enthusiasm, energy and "Make April your best month ever" have produced wonderful results. Thank you! 💖👌🏼💫 You are amazing!
Evelien Denys
Beauty Expert
"I started the coaching program with Lotje because in a short period of time I would get a lot clearer. I was still very much looking for a way to build my business. With the help of the coaching sessions and assignments I set goals, determined a social media strategy, set prices and determined my message. I have experienced the contact with Lotje as very pleasant, she tells it like it is in a very personal way. I highly recommend her to anyone who can use some tools to get the most out of selling your service!"
Suzanne Graansma
Professional Organizer
"I was looking for someone who could independently review my business and give me advice on marketing and communicating to my clients. This is exactly what Lotje offers. She has knowledge of marketing and looked at what areas my business could grow in and where there is still profit to be made. I now have planning in place to make financial goals more attainable. Lotje's coaching has given me a lot of peace for the coming year, so I know better what I'm doing for the long term. Because of this, even quieter periods are well used and not filled with uncertainty."
Carlijn Evers
Design & Promotion Expert
"The sessions with Lotje have given me clear tools to take next steps in SEO, social media and to work more strategically. Very nice! Because these factors are an important basis for getting online support for me as a lifestyle photographer. Lotje is very good in her preparation, clear in what she wants to tell you and is open to all your questions. This made the sessions very accessible to me and I can really get to work with concrete steps - tailored to my own business! Thank you Lotje!!"
Marly Martens

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