What is feminine sales?

What is your association with the word sales? Do you immediately think of insistence or cold acquisition? Does it give you that icky feeling? Sales can really be done in a different way! Let me take you into the world of feminine sales.

Sales from the feminine energy means that you start selling in a way that 100% matches you and your talents. Maybe you’re only familiar with sales from the masculine energy. But I am here to tell you that sales can be done in a completely different way. Instead of trying to make¬† your potential customers buy from you from a place of pain and fear, feminine sales is focused on finding the desire that your potential customers are having.

If you find out what that desire is and how you can trigger that desire, sales will become so much fun!

All you have to do is to be yourself and share you amazing value to the world.

So the next question is: what’s holding you back from doing that?

What keeps you from selling and building a 6 figure business?

I totally get that you’re hesitant in selling your offer. I’ve been there too. For a long time I’ve been doubting myself and I was wondering: who could possibly be interested in my offer? Why would they buy from me? I experienced SO MUCH self doubt and I was actually questioning everything in my business. To be honest with you: it almost made me quit.

And fun fact: I’ve been selling my whole life successfully for multiple businesses. I closed 6-figure deals. So I was really lost when I started as an entrepreneur and nothing seem to work. I thought I’d lost my magic.

Luckily, it all changed.

Things started shifting when I realised that selling has everything to do with self belief, persistence (not stalking), and how you show up.

So I started working on my self belief. Plus I started working on how I show up and I decided: I can do hard thing

And so can you.

Let me help you to become GREAT at selling. Because I know that when you start sharing your value, when you start using your talents and you combine this with the right message: you can become a BESTSELLER!

I am the right coach for you if you:

  • know you’re THE expert in your industry but you’re struggling to get your message out there
  • can’t wait to find more IDEAL clients
  • feel like your sales strategy is M.I.A. and you’re constantly improvising
  • believe you are not here to be average and live an average life and you desire SO MUCH MORE
  • would love to reach the TOP of your industry
  • want to become a LEADER by example
  • want to earn more money by doing what you most LOVE to do with less effort