What is Magnetic Marketing?

What is Magnetic Marketing? You probably know there are so many forms of Marketing… direct marketing, netwerk marketing, response marketing, brand marketing, content marketing and so on…

Magnetic Marketing is about using marketing in a way to attract clients without needing you to reach out to potential clients.

Magnetic Marketing is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t want to do cold acquisition. And it’s what I teach in my Bestseller Program.

When you use Magnetic Marketing, you will become so damn attractive for clients they are dying to work with you!

So how does it work you’re probably wondering right now… Let me tell you all about magnetic marketing.

Magnetic Marketing is about 3 things:

Your Vision

What attracts more clients than you could ever imagine? It’s your vision!

Sharing your vision to the world without holding back is incredibly important to become magnetic.  What is it that you believe in? What is your big WHY? How do you see the world/ your industry / your potential clients? What is your take on your industry? What are your values? And how do you embody those?

Your vision is the area where all these things come together. It’s the basis of your marketing.

My vision for example is that growth goes through sales. And that every women should know how to sell herself. I believe that selling becomes so much easier and fun when you fully embrace yourself!

What do you believe?

Your Message

Your message should be simple, elegant, easy to remember and a bit catchy!
What is your proposition? What do you do? For who and how do you accomplish that?

For example: I’m the coach for women who want to earn more by doing less.

Or: I’m a therapist for people who want to empower their relationships by helping them setting strong boundaries.

Your Unique Brilliance

What sets you apart from others? What is your unique approach? Why should people call YOU and not your competition? What makes you THE go-to expert in your industry? Maybe it’s your years of expertise, your profound knowledge or your massive passion for a topic.

We often don’t focus enough on our unique brilliance (aka USP’s), but it’s so important to let customers know why they should hire you!

Do you want to apply magnetic marketing to attract your favourite clients?

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