Sky High Mastermind

Making your first 6-figures is a HUGE thing!

It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s like reaching for the sky and deciding to go ALL-IN.

Are you that woman who’s aiming to get sky high results? 

Do you believe in your worth? Are you fully in love about your offer? Let’s bring your business to the next level.

Join the Sky High mastermind group of amazing women to pave the way to that 6-figure business.

You know you're meant for bigger things..

How would you feel if you would surround yourself with women who are as ambitious as you are?

How GOOD would it be join an amazing group and be guided towards that 6-figure business?

You just know you have it in you. You feel that burning desire to go bigger. Because you know that your product is THAT good. 

You just haven’t found enough ways to uplevel towards closing more sales. You miss dedicated strategies.

Let me help you.

What to expect?

10 week program

3 coaching calls with the mastermind

1 Masterclass

24/7 Voxer support in a group

We start in August 2022

Hi Superpower,

Here’s your future coach speaking. 

I know as no other that believing in yourself is the key element to reach that 6-figure business.

And your desire to get there is EVERYTHING.

I’ve closed hundreds of deals in my life. Up to the 6 figure numbers. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business right now. It’s all about WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

Let’s create that future business together and join the mastermind.

XOXO, Lotje

You coming?