True Feminine Leadership

I believe in a world where more women leaders are going to rise up. A world where the power of feminine energy is a guiding light.

There is so much power in the feminine energy. But until today it remains still very underestimated by many.

I see feminine leadership as a form of leadership where vulnerability, sharing lessons and leading by example are essential. Sharing our visions without holding back. That’s how we are going to have more positive impact on the world.

In the opposite to masculine energy, focused on logic, ratio and control, the feminine energy is all about using your creativity, your intuïtive and playfulness to solve any challenge.

To see what is possible for you, instead of feeling the need to prove yourself to others.

Therefor, in my coaching programs, feminine leadership is always a key component.

Elements of True Feminine Leadership

Leading by example
Leaning back
In the moment
Sharing experiences

What's my story to feminine leadership?

As a young professional I missed feminine leaders who I could pull up to. For years I’ve worked in industries where the masculine energy was thriving. 

I got into a burn-out, because my masculine / feminine energy was not in balance.

I was too focused on getting results, aiming higher and higher. I forgot on how to listen to my body and following my own desires.

I needed to learn how to listen again to my body. So I hired female coaches, who were like leaders to me. And who embraced the feminine leadership. 

It changed the world for me. I felt radiant again. I regained the fun in my life and I reconnected with my own dreams and desires. 

And now I’m helping women to unleash the potential to become true feminine leaders and change the world.

Want to become a true feminine leader in your industry?